WWE RAW 3 Possible Surprise Major Heel Turns, Shocking Partner for Seth Rollins? WWE RAW  should be a good show this week.

Brock Lesnar-appearing Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle will face off in singles action for the United States Championship,

with The Good Brothers facing off against The Alpha Academy. WWE RAW doesn't have that much for fans.

It turns out The Miz and Dexter Loomis will eventually clash on the show. A lot is likely to happen this week.

#3. Brock Lesnar hugs the heel in him and aligns with Seth Rollins Bobby Lashley was given the cost of the United States Championship.

One thing we do know about him is that he likes a 'payday'. Could Seth Rollins be the unexpected beneficiary filling

The Beast's pockets with green? This can lead to two exciting scenarios for the individuals involved.

Lesnar's heel turn on WWE RAW could be the biggest first step in that direction. The easiest way to do this is for Lesnar to help 

Rollins keep his championship against Riddle. #2. Bray Wyatt also appears on screen during the big Alexa Bliss match

Alexa Bliss kept Lily Doll with her for several months after her alliance with The Fiend ended. Which Bray Wyatt 

can tap when the time is right. There's a match on WWE RAW, Bliss suddenly appears on the big screen and sees her old friend.

#1. A Star Returns to WWE RAW Says He Was Behind the Entire Dexter Loomis Plot Even though The Miz has been at the mercy of Dexter

Loomis in recent weeks, somehow Ciampa isn't around to support him. Can one be revealed as the architect

of the whole thing? Plot to topple the A-lister? Has The Miz been under the shadow of The Miz since he

shadow of The Miz since he first appeared on WWE RAW? A lot could potentially happen in this week's edition.