'World's Dirtiest Man' Dies at 94 According to reports, the Iranian man who had not taken a bath for over 60 years died on Sunday at the age of 94.

He was known to his entire community as Amau Haji or Uncle Haji, an Iranian word for an old man. According to AFP,

Iran's government-funded IRNA news agency, in particular, chose not to wash himself for six decades as the world's 

dirtiest man out of fear that he would ever use soap and water. He'll get sick. , In the report Haji cited emotional

shock in his youth as his primary reason for not bathing. Haji, who died in the small Iranian town of Dejgah, 

was reported to have been from the southern province of Fars, washed up several months earlier, according to IRNA via the BBC.

IRNA reported that Haji's skin was covered with soot and pus due to years of not bathing. Over the years many were seen

 seen in pictures smoking cigarettes. told The Tehran Times in 2014 that the favorite food was porcupines, 

living between a hole in the ground and a brick hut built by the townspeople. It was told that Haji had no relatives, the townspeople

looked after him. According to Iran media outlets, the documentary The Strange Life of Amou Haji was made about his life in 2013.