World Series 2022 Game 1: Philadelphia Phillies 6-5 Houston Astros There are no surprises in this World Series

as this writer predicted yesterday only. The Philadelphia Phillies knew very well that they needed to

to win at least one of the first two games at Minute Maid Park to stand a good chance of making an upset against

an upset against the Houston Astros. It was hard to imagine it would be like they went down 5-0 early.

His bullpen came for him, while the opportunistic Phillies bat somehow made his loss against Justin Verlander,

whose World Series woes continue. Astros bullpen tries to keep Phillies off the board 10th inning J.T.

Realmuto gave a great opportunity to hit domestically which made the difference. Now the Astros were told in Game 2

that the pressure is on to level the series or find themselves in a deep hole. As we continue to cover

the 2022 World Series, stop here to see how the Astros react. This will nicely end our Game 1 liveblog. A heartfelt thank you 

to everyone who walked this long and winding road, especially the lovely people who contributed well along the way.