Woman posted pictures of a plane 'sandwiched between two fat people' after she asked the airline for repairs

An Australian woman has sparked a wave of backlash on the Internet after she posted a photo of herself complaining

of sitting next to two fat people on an American Airlines flight. In this Australian-American conservative political

commentator Sidney Watson took to Twitter to share his experience during the three-hour US airline flight.

Sidney Watson complains about the marriage between two fat people during American Airlines Uran. Watson tweeted I'm currently

literally getting my wedding in flight between two fat guys. This is not acceptable at all. Fat people want to be fat

so then that's fine. It's something else entirely. I'm stuck among you, your arm moves over my body too late.

Watson's complaint received immediate backlash from other social media users, accusing them of being extremely

 fatobic and downright mean. And in response to Watson's tweet, the user wrote, "My worst nightmare as a fat

person who is not rich. I would hate to see a picture of a stranger's fat body on Twitter because I want a break from it.