Weaponized (UN) Truth: Has the GOP Really Lost Its Mind? Learn Reportedly, Robert Draper's Weapons of Mass Illusion:

Reportedly When the Republican Party Lost Its Mind focused exclusively on the GOP during the very important 18-month period

 after January 6 and It adds to our understanding of the Trump era to a great extent. Far-right Representatives

Paul Goser, Marjorie Taylor Green as well as Matt Gaetz are part of a cool new breed of Republicans fighting alongside

their GOP elders. The subtitle of Draper's book explains the emphasis on when, not how - all Trump-inspired elected 

officials helped the former president tighten his grip on the Republican Party, an understanding that is as important 

as the entire party. has happened to Told that in this week's Playbook Deep Dive, Playbook co-writer Ryan

Liza delve into Draper's history of what happened to the Republican Party and America, talking about all the people

who shaped the zenith of American politics today and together Through a character-driven account of events.

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