US Air Force Halts Wind Project Nebraska due Nuclear Missiles Nebraska County of only 625 people had about 100 deep

underground nuclear missiles, after the US Air Force halted a green-power project that would have revived the economy.

There are hundreds of underground nuclear missiles in Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana.

The US Air Force says wind turbines cannot be built within 2 miles of missiles. Due to the missiles, the wind

turbine project in Banner County, Nebraska was limited in scope. In Banner County, Nebraska, the remnants of War America lie

just below the surface. During the 1960s the US was locked in a nuclear standoff with the then Soviet Union,

 it began planting hundreds of nuclear missiles in the country's countryside of Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, 

North Dakota and Montana, needing to shoot it down in a given amount of time. them in the enemy camp.

The Flat Water Free Press, an independent news outlet in Nebraska, reported last week that in 2019 the US Air Force began 

thwarting a wind turbine project in the state's southwest Banner County. Two renewable energy companies, Invenergy and Orion

Renewable Energy Group, selected Banner for world-class winds as they were ready to build a combined 300 turbines

across the region, according to a Flatwater Free Press report. Each turbine brought in an additional $15,000 in annual income to

the landowner on whose property it would be built. Capital from the turbines flowed into Banner's school system and

revived the 625-person county. The Air Force argued that the turbines would pose a safety hazard to pilots, especially during

storms or blizzards. The military decided that the turbines needed to be built approximately 2.3 miles apart

from each other to ensure pilots had enough room to land without potentially digging the wheels into the missile.

The new guidelines previously explained to residents, the number of potential turbines could be cut.

The residents of Banner became disillusioned with the new Air Force guidelines. This resource is just

Air Force guidelines. This resource is just there ready to be used Banner Landlord Said How to get away from it?