George Conway Predicts Trump Will Run for President in 2024 to Protect Against His Many Legal Troubles

George Conway thinks Trump will run in 2024 as a protection against legal matters. And said that would be too many cases for Trump to handle.

A recession would essentially be the end of all recessions on Trump's part. Told George Conway, a prominent lawyer and critic

 of former President Donald Trump, predicted Trump would run in 2024 as a safeguard against his docket of legal issues.

Griffin said This man is well surrounded at every turn and he is not surrounded by intelligent legal council, so I think

so I think you will well see more acts of desperation from him. Trump has a plethora of legal matters.

It was reported that the former president was fired in October for a class action fraud trial after delaying his testimony.

Trump alleged that his company's three eldest children - Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump - misled

people into investing in a multi-level marketing scheme. The videophone involved in the plan, plaintiffs' lawyers say,

was doomed from the start. Trump did not announce that he was planning to run for president. Kellyanne Conway

Conway hinted in September that she wants her old job back and may also announce a run after mid-term.

Told a spokesperson for Trump's post-presidential press office did not immediately respond to an insider's request for comment.