Trump to all of his company's potential jurors in criminal trial Told that Donald Trump is not a defendant in the Trump

Organization's New York state criminal fraud trial, but asked will potential jurors be able to sack the former president

from the company that made him famous? In 2020, over 86% of the electorate voted completely against him. Not everyone can promise that.

A potential juror said Trump has a disdain for anything. forgave him. Those called to jury duty were told that not all were against Trump.

One person said it would be for President Trump because it seems to be a politically motivated affair.

The 130 potential jurors who should eventually be narrowed down to about 18, including six options, were first 

asked whether they had scheduling issues, invariable bias or any conflicts of interest. Another said Tuesday that he thinks Mr.

Trump has no morals at all, he is a criminal. He seems to have done an irreparable loss to this country.

After the two-day proceedings were over, seven jury members were administered the oath. The judge expects the remaining 

11 to be selected in time so that the opening statement can be started in full on Monday, October 31.