About a hurricane forecast on its way to Tropical Depression Form, Florida The tropical depression formed in

the Caribbean Sea and is expected to become a hurricane on its way to the Gulf of Mexico, hurricane forecasters said Friday.

According to the latest path from the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Jamaica was on track to hit Cuba before

turning east toward Florida. Forecasters issued a Tropical Storm Watch for Jamaica as the depression became Tropical Storm Ian.

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 into a tropical storm by Friday night, followed by rapid intensification in the Caribbean Sea, a depression by 5 p.m. 

By the time it reaches Cuba, the storm has become a Category 2 hurricane, becoming a Category 3 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

About the possibility of a landslide in Florida on Wednesday. Track forecasts on days 4 and 5 have a healthy amount of uncertainty

expected in the Gulf of Mexico, hurricane forecasters said early Friday. Hurricane-causing landfall in South Florida near

Fort Myers, Naples in the current forecast. The extent of landfall will depend on how quickly the storm turns east.

Meteorologists in the Florida Keys are urging residents of the Florida peninsula to closely monitor the storm.

Two tropical depressions formed in the Caribbean on Friday morning, the second in the Atlantic. Hurricane forecasters are

tracking five systems: Hurricane Fiona in the Atlantic Tropical Storm Gaston in the Atlantic tropical depression in the caribbean

West Coast of Africa Tropical Storm Hermione turbulence in the atlantic Residents of Canada's Atlantic Coast prepare for Fiona Category 4 hurricane.