The last total lunar eclipse of three years will come on Tuesday

Cape Canaveral, (AP) This planet will better capture

the disappearance of the Moon on Tuesday. It will be three years like no other. A total lunar eclipse will first be visible across

North America on Tuesday, then west and after sunset across Asia, Australia and the rest of the Pacific. Apart from this,

this planet will be visible to Uranus like a bright star, only a finger's width above the moon. The total lunar eclipse will be visible

for about one to one and a half hours. Will be visible from 5:16 am to 6:41 am EST as per time zone. Because meanwhile

the Earth passes directly between the Moon and the Sun. Popularly known as the Blood Moon, it will be best seen in a reddish-orange hue

from the light of Earth's sunset and sunrise. According to NASA scientists, it will be about 242,740 miles, or 390,653 kilometers 

from the Moon, at the peak of the eclipse. While South America will get a glimpse of the lunar eclipse on Tuesday with good

good weather conditions, Africa, the Middle East and most of Europe will have to wait until around 2025.

Among those providing a livestream of Tuesday's lunar celebration were the Griffith Observatory in Los

Angeles and the Italian-based Virtual Telescope Project. This is the second total lunar eclipse of this year on Tuesday

the first was in May. The next won't happen until 2025. Meanwhile many partial lunar eclipses will be visible.