Top Trump adviser Kash Patel testifies on secret documents Kash Patel, Donald Trump's top adviser to The Information Mina,

has testified before a federal grand jury probing all documents allegedly seized from the former president's Florida estate.

Mr Patel said he spent several hours there in front of a jury at the Courthouse in Washington on October 13. 

 It was not clear whether he answered the questions or declined, citing the Fifth Amendment, CNN reported.

It was seen in the hall of the Federal Court last Thursday mid-morning and remained for several hours in the Grand

Jury area until 1 p.m. local time. In the investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized more than 11,000

documents from a court-approved search at the Mar-a-Lago estate on August 8 that indicated at least 100 of them were classified.

Trump's aide Walt Nauta was clearly seen on security cameras outside the storage area at the center of

the investigation, the New York Times reported last week. Its testimony from the former employee, along with

surveillance footage obtained by the Justice Department, was reported to represent some of the most important

important and strongest known evidence to date of possible obstruction of justice by the former president.