Fantasy Soccer Millionaire's Picks: Top DraftKings NFL DFS Plays for the Week QB Pierce Dietrich: Start scrolling down very quickly,

we're going well up to Sam Ehlinger at $4000. Told that some people might find this crazy, but there's some max

roster's got a lot of flexibility in here. I know it's a bad situation when you roster one of these cheap quarterbacks,

it's not really a bad situation. The Colts' offense looks very different from that of Matt Ryan. Thrown 2000 yards,

nine touchdowns this season. We get these cheap quarterbacks well into the bad spots, it's a really good offense also facing

the Washington defense who is down in the pass DVOA, third down in allowing points nicely for the quarterback,

getting the running back Do wide receiver. Take the savings Basically the poor man's Tim Tebow he can easily hit the price.

Pearce's Pick: Sam Ehlinger ($4,000) rb Pierce Dietrich: Going cheap on quarterbacks and we can get cheap players

on wide receivers can afford these awesome running backs that cost more. Give me Derrick Henry—we're going to spend for the dog.

He's facing the Houston Texans well, he's the master of his career. Every year they have bad DVOA. You take Derrick Henry at this 

 this place. If you take away his poor game against Buffalo was a jerk, he averages 24 carries per game.