Are Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Really Done? Dismissing 2022 bad narratives about aging Packers Buccaneers QB

Reportedly exaggerated reports of the respective demise of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers as the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all

time. GOAT and MVP have garnered much praise for playing so well at such a young age in their Hall of Fame career.

Brady's Buccaneers and Rodgers Packers are both reported in Week 8 of the current NFL season standing at 3-4. Tampa Bay would

be well confined to the NFC playoffs as a fourth-seeded first-place team in the weak South, 2.5 games behind Minnesota in Green 

Bay North for the season. Told will go the rest of the way to match the 13-win totals seen over the past three seasons for Rodgers and the Packers.

Brady, almost 45, and Rodgers, almost 38, have been known as independent quarterbacks throughout their careers. Crimes with 

fundamental issues raise teams. There has been a constant string of QB-unfriendly factors at both Tampa Bay Green Bay in 2022

Brady and Rodgers face many major obstacles but their recent history suggests writing them off riding

 riding them into retirement is a big mistake. Both quarterbacks are suddenly being debunked this notion:

debunked this notion: conquering elite passersby by examining the same fixable issues pointed out in the NFL: