Tim Allen Joe Biden Comedy Viral Tim Allen for Biden Joke Tim Allen has gone viral over the joke he made about President Biden.

On Monday, the 69-year-old actor released the tweet following an appearance on the CBS television magazine show 60 

 Minutes of Biden. The Home Improvement alum's sense of humor quickly sparked controversy, with Allen's

critics criticizing her in responses. Several Twitter users accused the comedian of being disrespectful to the current president,

while calling the joke unfoundedly lame. Twitter users claimed Allen was replaced as Buzz Lightyear in the latest installment

the mega-hit Toy Story franchise, thanks to tweet-like comments posted by him on Monday. The casting change faced criticism

from many of his friends in the Allen fans industry. Allen's longtime Toy Story co-star Tom Hanks told CinemaBlend he didn't understand

the recasting of Allen's character. Some critics of Allen's latest tweet referenced his 1978 arrest for drug trafficking.

Allen served nearly two and a half years in federal prison after more than a pound of cocaine was found at Kalamazoo/Battle 

 Creek International Airport in Michigan. Time magazine provided the names of other drug dealers who avoided a possible life

sentence after inking a deal. After his release from prison, Allen said he was determined to make his life straight.

Quiet for more than two decades. Many of Allen's fans came to his rescue after the tweet was uproar. Several Twitter users pointed

 out that the joke was quite spontaneous. Butter soft trying to cancel sitcom dad Tim Allen for saying Twitter dad joke.

Tim Allen for saying Twitter dad joke. The Santa Claus Twitter has not commented publicly on the controversy.