The world's utter end is near The planet has gone through many natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes,

volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, all of which have caused a lot of irreparable damage. Do you believe that a natural disaster, 

an asteroid, a war, or even a deadly virus could be perfectly capable of causing an apocalypse and at the same time completely 

destroying the planet? our Planet We all learn from an early age that the planet is covered in more water than land and is in constant change.

dinosaur era Scientists estimate that about 65 million years ago, dinosaur era Scientists are still well divided on the exact

cause of the extinction, with two theories in particular held to be stable. The first extinction was caused by a comet 

or asteroid that collided with Earth. The second theory holds that the dinosaurs were thoroughly wiped out by volcanic activity.

About dinosaurs and the end of the world It was told that the extinction of dinosaurs remains a puzzle for scientists.

Many theories have come up in an attempt to predict what will be the cause of the end of the human race.

End of the World: Bible It is reported that the holy book reports the end of the world at least twice. In the book,

God instructs Noah to build an ark and save one female and one male from each species on earth. God then destroys

earth. God then destroys the planet with a huge flood, while leaving everything alive on several ships.