The Queen Elizabeth will be cremated at Windsor Castle Part of the funeral takes place at Windsor Castle,

about 25 miles from Westminster Abbey. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to NPR's Frank Langfitt writer Claudia Joseph

with NPR's Eleanor Beardsley. Martin: Frank, can you tell us what happens at the end of the procession?

Martin: As we observe this procession, we're going to turn to NPR's Eleanor Beardsley, who is at Windsor Castle,

waiting for the Queen's coffin and procession to arrive. Eleanor just tell me where you are. You see, what a feeling.

Eleanor Beardsley, Byline: I'm at a place called Long Walk, and this 2-1/2-mile avenue that cuts through the Windsor Estate, 

vast forests. It leads to the entrance of the palace. Some of them arriving at 5 a.m. The Queen's gun

carriage will actually arrive and make the final journey of that 2-1/2-mile. to Windsor Castle. And it will be the last chance for

the public to see him, say goodbye. They have a few more hours to wait, watching the ceremony on the big screen from London,

they can't see it with their own eyes. Many people said that was very important. Martin: NPR's Eleanor

Beardsley: hymns and psalms. Martin: Eleanor, many thanks for your reporting. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley as told with reflections from Windsor Castle.