What we learned from Week 1 of the NFL about the season AJ returns to Steelers defense form The Browns gave the Eagles

 the Eagles the goal to score, a shortfall he had in the form of the NFL. The season faltered in the first week.

The first week of the NFL's regular season never fails to mess up. The season starts all over again, troubles,

mistakes, miracles in between everything unfolds. Week 1's false start could be a wake-up call for teams to their

fans as games re-count. Even a shaky start could offer firm takeaways. Mahomes-to-Keils defines Kansas City's crime pretty well.

The Cardinals thought like everyone else that Patrick Mahomes might struggle to make big plays without 

Tyreek Hill being traded off-season to Miami by three-time All-Pro receiver Kansas City. Throughout his career,

Mahomes was magical against blitz, often hitting with his sight, using an athletic ability and creativity to break 

quick trigger pockets before defenders could penetrate. The departure of Arizona defensive coordinator Vance Joseph

Bet Hill would leave Mahomes in the lurch. More than half of the quarterback's drop-backs on Sunday sent at least 

 five rushers into Mahomes, an approach that seemed doomed to fail from the start. . Arizona lost 44-21.

According to the NFL's Next Gen Stats, Mahomes had four touchdowns for 137 yards, 15 of 21 passes against Blitz.

Mahomes shone against the standard defensive run. Quarterback's go-to safety valve tight end Travis Kelce is a stable 

option right now. Coach Andy Reid made sure Keels could open the middle distance that burned the Cardinals repeatedly

and the tight end caught 8 of 9 goals for 121 yards a touchdown, all receivers going forward. Kansas City came out in a

 third-quarter game of 13 personnel, with Kelsea the outsider in the bunch. He ran a deep over route cutting just behind the

the middle player, running a deep corner route in front of him. Mahomes nailed him with a pass over the middle, just above a

 linebacker's outstretched arms for the first down. Mahomes currently has third-year receiver Mecole Hardman. Kansas City added JuJu

Kansas City added JuJu Smith-Schuster to the roster in the off-season to help plug the full left from

Hill's departure. But the Mahomes-to-Keuls connection is most important right now for the Kansas City crime.