Stock to Buy: Money will rain from stock cheaper than Rs 100! are foreign investors Due to global cues,

 we are always seeing volatility in the stock market. After the rise of 7 days, the weakness seen in the market was recorded on Tuesday.

It has reached important levels of Nifty 17650 and Sensex 59500. For you to earn in such a market, Philip Capital has well chosen 

midcap stocks from the banking sector. It was told that the target of Rs 66 on the stock The brokerage house itself has given

a Buying Opinion on IDFC First Bank. A target of Rs 66 has been told on the stock. Investors get returns of up to 20 percent

from the stock. The same midcap bank released very strong results for the second quarter. In the September quarter, 

 the interest earnings of the bank increased by about 32 percent. The profit of the bank increased by 266 percent to about Rs 556 crore,

from Rs 152 crore reported in the same quarter a year ago. FIIs too bullish on the bank The management of IDFC First Bank

has a good expectation that the net interest margin may remain close to 6 percent in the coming few days.

Told investors got strong returns The stock gave a positive return of 4 per cent in 2022. The stock has gained about

41 per cent in 6 months. Shares of IDFC First Bank closed down 3 per cent at Rs 56.50. The share of Midcap Bank

touched a high of about 52 weeks on the day of Muhurta trading, it is Rs 59.40. The 52-week low is around Rs 28.95.