About Steelers inactive for Week 3 at Brown The Steelers lead a healthy team against the Cleveland Browns in tonight's game,

gameday dormant reflecting this. Linebacker David Annenih, who was signed to the 53-man roster just a week ago,

will be inactive for the second week in a row. Linebacker Delonte Scott will be active for the game, with Enneih inactive.

Scott was promoted from the practice team to the active/inactive roster prior to gametime. Scott, who was also promoted to

 the Patriots game active/passive roster and saw action in the game, originally signed to the Steelers practice

squad in 2021, having spent time on the active/inactive roster as of Game Day Call last season. Also playing in the game.

Guard Kendrick Greene, receiver Steven Sims, quarterback Mason Rudolph, defensive tackle Isaiah Loudermilk linebacker Mark

Robinson are also inactive for the night. Brown upped Miller Forristal and wide receiver Chester Rogers to the active/passive

roster for tonight's game. Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is inactive, dismissed at the start of the week. Two former Steelers

offensive linemen, Chris Hubbard who tackle Hague, are inactive. steelers inactive Number 2 QB Mason Rudolph

82 No. WR Steven Sims 53 No. G Kendrick Green 96 No. LB David Annenih 92 No. DT Isaiah Loudermilk 93 number lb mark robinson

Brown Passive 12 No. WR Michael Woods II 25 No. RB Demetric Felton 39 No. S. Richard LeCount III 74 No. T Chris Hubbard

39 No. S. Richard LeCount III 74 No. T Chris Hubbard 59 No. T Joe Hague 8 No. QB Kellen Mondt 90 no. DE Jadeveon Clowney