Sports writer on Simona Halep's doping suspension - it's their job, I'm not going to feel super sympathetic, it sucks

Sportswriter, as well as broadcaster Kenny Ducey, recently spoke thoroughly about Simona Halep's doping suspension.

Reportedly speaking on the Inside-In podcast about the seriousness of the situation, Ducey said the news came as a shock to 

the tennis world, noting that the issue would have been important if Simona Halep were a more genuine Grand Slam contender. 

Would have been She's been out on the court this year, I think will be more shocking than it was last year,

and apparently won Wimbledon three years ago, Ducey admitted the Romanian's suspension was very unfortunate for tennis.

The two-time Grand Slam champion is a very prominent figure in the sport, always regarded as a tough opponent to defeat.

Considered one of the best players. To lose someone like that, I mean where does that leave the tour, 

certainly there doesn't seem to be a lot of established names, pointed out big politicians who are still good contenders for the Slam.

Definitely one of them. It still felt like a ride of passage. It was a big deal, if beat him at a Grand Slam," he said.