Anderson Silva-Jake Paul Bett Involves Very Potential Kickboxing Fight Told Glendale, Ariz. Jake Paul 

and Anderson Silva agreed to the unconventional stipulation two days before they were set to meet in a boxing match.

Paul made a great offer to Silva at Thursday's prefight news conference that if Silva won, he would rematch

with the UFC legend in a kickboxing match. Told that Paul first offered MMA, but Silva said he no longer

fights in MMA. When Paul won, he said that Silva should help him a lot in starting a federation for UFC fighters.

Said Silva agreed whether it included MMA fighters well, and the two stood up, met in the middle of the stage,

and were very conditionally shaken. It was learned that Paul and Silva are going to fight at the Desert Diamond

Arena on Saturday. Fighting, like Bet, is also unconventional. Told 25-year-old Paul stars as a YouTube star who has

established himself as a bankable boxing star as he leads 5-0 with four knockouts. He has had three good victories against the legends of the UFC.

Paul said of the Fighters Association there's not going to be just a couple fighters who are perfectly capable of pulling it off.