Side Effects Of Cheese: Avoid eating too much cheese, instead of benefits, there can be 5 big disadvantages to the body

Paneer is also considered beneficial for health. It contains fiber, protein, phosphorous, calcium and anti-oxidants.

Regular consumption of paneer strengthens bones. Along with vegetarians, a large number of non-vegetarians

also like to consume cheese. Cheese is beneficial for everyone. If you eat more cheese than necessary,

then instead of benefiting the body, it starts causing harm. Allergy to Cheese Allergies are caused by the use of many dairy products.

Cheese intake should be reduced. Skin allergies can occur. If you want to eat vegetables made of paneer on a

of paneer on a special occasion, then shop from a good shop, so that you can get good quality paneer.

blood pressure Consumption of cheese increases the fitness of the body, those who have problems with high blood pressure,

they should avoid excessive consumption. Consuming paneer in excess can increase the blood pressure of the patient,

which can lead to a heart attack. Stomach infection may occur Many people like to eat raw paneer. Doctors say that by eating cheese raw,

bacteria and viruses can go into the stomach, first wash the cheese with water and then cook it and consume it.

and consume it. Which proves beneficial for the body. Eating more than this can cause upset stomach at night