Tezos collaborates well with Taco to give Shopify users better access to Tezos NFTs The Tezos blockchain is reported to have partnered

with Web3.0 automation platform Taco to give Shopify users enhanced access to Tezos non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

through Taco's NFT loyalty program. The goal is to establish itself as a brand looking for Web3.0 engagement.

According to Cointelegraph, the Taco application allows brands to integrate Web3.0 solutions as well as customers like NFT to 

increase engagement with e-commerce platforms, Shopify to provide these services to all its merchants. The Taco application 

makes good use of plugins. NFT loyalty program allows brands to greatly strengthen their bond with consumers Recent integration 

of Tezos NFTs Good offer to customers, Shopify merchants can now seamlessly interact with both customers and the NFT community

through the latest integration into Tezos' Taco application, based on information from Cointelegraph. In June, 

 Shopify announced a good new reward system called TokenGate as part of its connect-to-customer initiative. Tezos' energy-efficient

architecture combines well with NFT mining and low transaction fees, greatly attracting the NFT community to artists, 

Cointelegraph noted that the proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain Tezos reported a bump in smart contract

transactions with on-chain activity due to the growing NFT market. The platform recorded 50,000 transactions

The platform recorded 50,000 transactions reported on a daily basis in Q1, 2022, down from 10,000 per day in January, 2021.