She-Hulk Episode 9 Ending Explained Previous episodes of She-Hulk gave fans the long-awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe

debut of Daredevil, taking Jennifer Walters one step closer to the show's antagonist. Whatever troubles you are facing after

 facing after qualifying, all that construction will pay off soon. What happened in this She-Hulk episode 9.

This week's episode of She-Hulk Attorney At Law begins with a throwback intro to the original Hulk TV show. The scene cuts straight

to Jennifer Walters as Mallory, Nikki and Pug visit her. Mallory would tell her that if she agreed to certain conditions, including 

wearing a blocker, the district attorney would not charge. Jane lost her job The media finds herself in first class

with non-stop reporting about what happened. As a result she goes back to her parents' home to help her cope with being unemployed.

A few days later, Nikki pays a visit and plans to capture Jennifer with intelligence. Nikki uploaded an old video of Jennifer's dance on

the Intelligence website and found herself invited to an anti-She-Hulk event. Asks Pugs to tag her and orders her to find out

how Jennifer is involved in the incident. He campaigns for many people to hate the She-Hulk he finds inside Todd Phelps. Todd later revealed

Hulking is he created the Intelligence website. Todd would later go on stage proud of what he had done with She-Hulk recently.