Can my neighbor point the security camera at my backyard? Amazon's new show, Ring Nation, centers around funny footage captured on

Ring doorbell cameras. A petition was launched by thousands of privacy rights advocates demanding the show's cancellation.

Many people are wondering Can my neighbor point the security camera at my backyard capture embarrassing footage?

When can a neighbor show the security camera in the house? As long as they want, unless they have bad intentions.

If purely for home security purposes, they are perfectly allowed to point their security cameras at your backyard.

When is it not okay for a neighbor to point the security camera at your house? It's important to check state security camera

laws to know your rights. States have different laws for installing cameras depending on their owner's intent.

What to do if a neighbor installs a security camera in your house You've noticed that your neighbor's security camera pointed at

you then Lovely recommends communication. The first step would be to have a proper conversation about the placement of a security

camera if you believe it may be an intruder. Most of all neighbors are friendly, this will solve 99 percent of property owners issues.

If that doesn't work and it seems that privacy is being invaded or the placement is ill-intentioned, file a complaint with law enforcement.