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fires spark in Salem's south side The Statesman Journal reported that a brush fire broke out in South

Salem on Friday evening in the Witte Springs area, prompting immediate evacuations all around the area.

Firefighters were extinguishing the fire from separate locations along Vite Springs Road South along Skyline Road South. 

The Statesman said eighteen agencies responded, including units from Silverton, Staten, Woodburn,  Salem Wildfire

Jefferson. Withdrawals being sent to the local middle school. The Marion County Sheriff's Office issued Level 3 evacuation

orders for areas approximately two miles from 4004 Wight Springs Road South. Level 2 and 1 evacuation orders are in force

for areas of fire four to six miles. Sheriff's representatives went home to evacuate people in the areas.

The road was closed on Skyline Drive and people heading east were turned away. Oregon Department of Forestry

officials told the Statesman a helicopter was pouring water over the fire from the Willamette River.

Those trying to rescue the animals were told to contact Judson Middle School officials as soon as possible.

With strong winds and a dry climate across the state and power outages, seven large forests are already burning.

The situation is expected to improve slightly after Sunday, with temperatures dipping into the lows around 70s.