Putin announces partial military mobilization of Russian citizens MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial

mobilization of Russia's armed forces on Wednesday, signing a decree that would send Russians to undergo military

military training for their involvement in fighting in Ukraine, preventing the lack of an all-out draft.

Only those civilians who are currently in reserve will be drafted first of all, those who have served in the military,

who have professions, have the necessary experience, will be recruited for the campaign, Putin said in a

televised address to the nation. The announcement came just a day after some Russian-controlled regions in Ukraine

announced plans for a referendum on part of Russia. The choreographed series of events is reminiscent of the Russian

leader's announcement in February to send thousands of troops to Ukraine. In a television interview, Defense Minister

Sergei Shoigu said Russia would immediately call 300,000 reservists to hold the front line in Ukraine.

Putin accused Western powers of providing Ukraine with long-range weapons systems. Putin warned Russia and its

people to use all available means in their defense given that Russia had its own capable nuclear arsenal. Putin said.

Those who are blackmailing us with nuclear weapons should know that the winds of roses can change and

blow in their direction. The defense minister also provided new figures for Russian casualties, saying

casualties, saying that 5,937 Russian soldiers were killed fighting in Ukraine. Western estimates run higher.