Rolls Royce unveils first EV luxury coupe, Specter starts at ₹3.5 cr Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce has begun its transition to electric cars

with the latest EV dubbed Specter. Touted as the 'spiritual successor' of the Phantom, it largely retains the aesthetic elements

known to the RR vehicle. The car has been given a drag coefficient of 0.25 which is expected to be very quiet due to its electric nature.

While the final specs for the vehicle have not been determined, the vehicle is expected to be an all-wheel-drive

machine capable of accelerating from 0 to around 100 kmph in 4.4 seconds. Tesla does it in about two seconds, the Rolls Royce

is supposed to be pretty heavy with all the luxuries, the 4.4-second time is also quite commendable for the car.

The stated range of the car is around 400 kms, which is pretty average. The vehicle is designed from the ground up,

built on a novel aluminum platform specially designed for EVs. These have classic one nice 'Starlight' doors with 4,796 light points.

It runs on 23-inch wheels which are used for the first time in over a century. The car will also get a new cockpit with a screen

 mounted inside premium wood or leather panels along with it, which looks like a fusion of the present and the future.

which looks like a fusion of the present and the future. Planned to arrive next year, it is expected to start at a price of $413,500,