Most on Bears, Robert Quinn Trades Let's say the Eagles made the best splash earlier today. They thoroughly acquired

defensive end Robert Quinn from the Bears, nicely picking up most of the Chicago player's tab. According to Albert Breyer 

of TheMMQB (on Twitter), Bear is raising $7.1MM of Quinn's 2022 salary. This means Philly will only be responsible for $700K.

The Bears speculated that they were fully capable of securing a fourth-round pick as they would well cover 

the majority of Quinn's 2022 salary. Said Lineman is in the midst of a five-year $70MM deal, he has $14MM in 2023 and $13MM in 

in 2024 as non-guaranteed base pay. Poles said one thing about the race of business (via Michael David Smith of,

just making a championship team what they're trying to do makes a lot more sense. The Eagles are really lucky to have that.

lucky to have that. Told that part of the really tough part about this job is making the very tough decisions.

The Poles provided a lot of insight into the trade negotiations as well, noting that Assistant GM Ian Cunningham, 

who previously worked well at the Eagles front office, was instrumental in doing business per Cronin. The general manager also

won't commit to more trades, it's too hard to tell whether the trades materialized and there just aren't a ton going on.