About the Republican rally around Trump in Robstown ROBSTOWN - Day on Monday, all Texas Republican candidates from Coastal Bend,

Rio Grade Valley, and those seeking statewide office all supported former President Donald Trump's Save America rally, with early voting on Saturday.

Reportedly focused on the former president's remarks beyond over-emphasizing border security and comparing his good record with Biden's

how he is distressed by past scandals in the Steele dossier, told Inside the Capitol on Jan. The result of the riots. Electoral fraud

claims in the 6, 2021, and 2020 presidential elections. Gallery: Trump woos the full Texas crowd Former President Donald Trump

flew into South Texas on Saturday, October 22, 2022, giving his crowd everything they expected in Robstown.

The former president elaborated well on issues such as high gas prices for civilians, the war between Russia and Ukraine,

saying that if he were still in office, he would have remained in office, reiterating his discredited claims that 2020 I won well. ,

In the rally, the former President said that he will run again in the year 2024. Trump was reported to have

voiced support and dear all praise for the Texas Republican in attendance, urging supporters to vote

urging supporters to vote again so they can keep Texas in the GOP and well continue the great work of the state.