Registered to vote?  | USA Gov A way to listen to the vote and tell your elected officials how you feel about important issues.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, September 20, the U.S. Why not register on National Voter Registration Day in India?

United Way is a proud participant in National Voter Registration Day, a nonpartisan, national effort to register 

Americans to vote for the 2022 general election. United Way and many other organizations work to ensure full representation

by registering eligible voters. Since 2012, dozens of national businesses, non-profit, nonpartisan advocacy organizations

have supported National Voter Registration Day through coordinated efforts to register and raise awareness of state-specific

registration policies, deadline voting information. Americans are supported by their ability to register and vote.

The exercise of authority is an opportunity for us to build a stronger, more diverse, inclusive democracy.

The United Way envisions a world where all individuals and families can achieve their human potential through education,

income stability and healthy living. Working with public and non-profit partners to promote education solutions health

resources in 95% of American communities, creating solutions to meet the needs and aspirations of each community.

Ensuring that one's voice is heard, for our mission, organization and country. Are unable to vote in state

or local elections because they miss the registration deadline, don't update their registration, aren't sure how to register.