About Real Madrid vs RB Leipzig result: Valverde, Asensio defend La Liga champions who remain very perfect

As always, Real Madrid found a very good way out in the end. The defending Champions League holders made less

 made less against RB Leipzig and were lucky not to be left behind at home, with two late goals eluding them. 

They were well on their way to a 2–0 victory in the 2022/23 season. The beginning continued. It is reported

 that Real Madrid top the group with the most points after a 3-0 win at Celtic Park in Matchday 1. He won all

eight matches played well on three different competitive fronts, including two in the Champions League and

 the UEFA Super Cup in La Liga on August 5. Wednesday's match was difficult from the start, with an organized RB

Leipzig side not giving Real Madrid much room to run and combine. Without the injured captain and top scorer

Karim Benzema, Los Blancos would never have been in an aggressive form. Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr.

had probably never had a chance to stretch his own legs in a full sprint, unable to combine Rodrigo at the center 

There was a penalty appeal. Barrelled from behind in the box. As time went on, Real Madrid became disheartened,

 indifferent, even inactive, in front of home fans. At the other end of the field, the German club had few

 chances to take the lead in the first half. Poor finishing and Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois did well

well to stop him from scoring. Leipzig danger man Christopher Nkunku was particularly proactive. He blocked

a shot on the quick transition. He missed the connect at the second cross in the six-yard box and then went

down into the box between the two defenders who scored a penalty. Did not want. Real Madrid did not improve much in

the second half, the points were bound to fall. But Fed Valverde gave him the breakthrough he so desperately

 needed - a 10 minute individual effort - using his weak left leg well. Then Real Madrid substitute Marco Asensio

achieved a fine result in stoppage time, and Los Merengues continued to lead the way despite their poor match of the season.