Ravens vs Buccaneers Scores: Updates, Game Stats, Highlights, Analysis for last 'Thursday Night Football'

We have a good defensive battle on our hands on Thursday night. Told 30 minutes through, the Buccaneers put

the Ravens far behind at 10-3, creating two huge red zone stands in the first half. The Buccaneers also got a good first

half from Tom Brady, well-established Leonard Fournette's go-forward touchdown in the middle of the quarter before Chris

Godwin completed nearly 44-yards. Reportedly, Tampa Bay's defense successfully caught the Ravens for a field goal. 

The ball was delivered to Baltimore at the Buccaneers' pointed 6-yard line at the start of the first quarter.

The Buccaneers defense came up with a second red zone stand after all but forced an incomplete pass from Lamar Jackson on fourth-down play

late in the first half. The Ravens went completely blank on their final scoring chance of the half when Justin

Tucker's 61-yard full effort was blocked. As has often been the case over the past 20 years, Brady was reported to be the best offensive

player on the field during the first half. He threw for 142 yards, completely successful in receiving the ball to get Godwin and Mike

Evans wide out. Brady made history in the first half, far surpassing Ben Roethlisberger as the most dismissed quarterback in history.