Prepared for the death of Britain's famous Queen Elizabeth II. It came as a shock. LONDON - On the morning of her father's death,

the day she would become queen, 25-year-old Elizabeth watched a herd of elephants in a watering hole

 hole in a Kenya treehouse. Due to the difficulty of communication, it took hours to receive the news.

The world changed a lot during his 70-year reign, with news of his own sudden illness and death spreading

in milliseconds, via the royal family's Twitter account in just one marker. Flight tracking data revealed running paths 

of children near the bed at Balmoral Castle. The staff of the royal family posted the black-bordered death

notice at the gates of Buckingham Palace. BBC News was already wearing black. It was a shock, its astonishing, mortal speed.

Also known to the vast majority of Britain as the sole monarch, her profile on currency has remained steadfast

in people's lives, on stamps of celebration and in times of sorrow and fear. As she grew older she became

the grandmother of more warmth and vague affection, for those who did not particularly like the institution.

Son Charles is Britain's long-reigning monarch-in-waiting, King Charles III. The wife would know Camilla as a Queen Consort.

Wearing immaculately tailored pinstripes and railing against organic farming modern architecture, 73-year-old Charles,

73, will become the most high-profile environmental activist of the 21st century, raising his voice against climate change,

the destruction of species, if the past prefaces his reign. is in the form. It is at this moment that Britain is moving forward

with a detailed plan of Operation London Bridge, including what happens in 10 days, the solemn spectacle of a royal

of a royal funeral, kitsch choreographed with genuine emotion. This is the ascension of a new emperor.