Post Malone after falling off stage at St. Louis concert Post Malone Apologizes To Fans After Falling Off Stage At St. Louis Concert:

'I Got My Ass Kicked Myself' Enterprise Center in St. Louis Mo. Post Malone received medical attention after falling

through an open trap door due to an accidental move during his show Saturday night. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch originally

reported that Malone began to sing as he was falling down the ramp of the stage, he clearly missed the hole,

 his instrument being lowered. A team of medics appeared on stage to help with his injuries for several minutes, 

causing confusion from fans. The singer addressed fans for the first time before standing up, asking them to take a few minutes,

promising that he would return. The audience waited for 15 minutes as Malone slowly passed out, clutching his ribs.

I'm so sorry I ruined the show tonight, ladies and gentlemen he told the fans i promise next time i come i won't ruin 

the whole night sorry for that. There was a big ass hole in the middle of the stage, on which I busted the ass, he said.

Wanted to say thank you to everyone for being there I got the best fucking fan in the world. Rockstar Sunflower

White Iverson copped up, including opener Roddy Rich. Malone shared the update on social media Sunday morning,

thanking fans for breaking down his injury during the concert. Thanks for tolerating the dumbass rapper said everything is good

they gave me some pain relievers everything. We can kick ass on tour. just want to apologize to everyone in st louis and

for coming to the show Malone also confirmed that he would perform well on Sunday night at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.