Poll: Oz and Fetterman are now well tied in race for Pennsylvania Senate Told New Insider Advantage/Fox29 polls show Republican

Senate nominee Mehmet Oz is now up against Democratic lieutenant governor John Fetterman in Pennsylvania.

The survey interviewed 550 potential voters with an error margin of 4.2 percent. Nearly 46 percent of

Nearly 46 percent of all candidates turn out in the less than three weeks leading up to Election Day.

It is reported that Mr. Fetterman and Dr. Oz will hold an argument on Tuesday in the capital city of Harrisburg.

Insider Advantage's Matt Twery told Fox 29 a note that Dr. Oz's better luck now is due to a nearly 20-point advantage with

independent voters, and about 51.7 percent of independent voters overwhelmingly favored the former television host and 

physician, Mr. Compared to only about 30.2 percent of Fetterman's well-supported in it. It is reported that Dr.

Oz greatly improved his position with Republican voters. He was strongly supported by about 75.3 percent of Republicans in September,

with about 82.4 percent of Republican potential voters in October. President Joe Biden made a tour of Pittsburgh and made

a plan to do an event with Mr. Fetterman. But 39.6 percent of Pennsylvanians have a favorable opinion of Scranton natives.

He withdrew the race to be a toss-up after the nonpartisan Cook Political Report gave lean Democratic status a few months ago.