Pink Salt: Benefits Of Rock Salt Consume rock salt daily, health will get benefits Rock salt is consumed during fasting.

If you consume it daily, then health gets many benefits. Rock salt helps in reducing muscle cramps as well as in reducing weight.

Benefits of consuming rock salt- Muscle cramps can be relieved by the consumption of rock salt. Rock salt has

the property of controlling the level of electrolytes and reduces muscle spasms. If there is a problem of swelling,

pain or spasm in the muscles, mix Sendan salt in lukewarm water and drink it. Take rock salt to get relief from digestion problems.

Gets rid of heartburn, constipation problems. Sore throat- The problem of sore throat, cold and cold is common nowadays

Rock salt can be beneficial to overcome the problem. Gargle by mixing rock salt in lukewarm water. Boost metabolism-

The metabolic process can be boosted by consuming rock salt. It can get rid of allergy problems, if you consume

rock salt daily, it strengthens immunity. Gum trouble- To remove gum problems, pain, swelling, use rock salt

To remove gum problems, pain, swelling, use rock salt mixed with lukewarm water and gargle with it. You get rid of gum problems.