Woman writes op-ed casting a doubt on Obama's US citizenship A Woman in Anti-Fatherman Ad Writes Op-Ed Casting a Doubt

Doubt on Obama's US Citizenship The new ad, produced by Mehmet Oz's US Senate campaign in Pennsylvania, is reported to have only

one narrator: the woman, identified as Janice H., of Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. Its ad, produced by the Republican Jewish Coalition

Victory Fund, seeks to appeal on its behalf to black voters in the state by recalling the past of Democratic candidate John Fetterman,

when the then mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, Mr. Fetterman, received information about a shotgun with a shotgun.

Black jogger followed. And held him tightly until the police reached the spot. According to HuffPost, Ms. Hollis was a member

of a coalition of conservative black ministers who, a few decades earlier, had repeatedly attacked Democratic officials ranging from Mr.

Obama to the Congressional Black Caucus. In an op-ed that appeared in Christian Newswire in 2012, a few years ago, Ms. Hollis gave

a warning that the future of America could be in Ohio's hands, and asked readers there to back Mr. Romney on Mr.

Obama for president. asked to consider. Another ad for the Republican Jewish Coalition aimed at black voters was reported

to feature the narrator identified as Melvin Jay, whom HuffPost identified as former conservative writing-all-congressional

candidate Melvin Prince Johnkin. It has been reported that the decisive race between Mr. Oz and Mr. Fetterman has tightened in recent days.

Republicans have moved into races across the country. Mr. Fetterman has led nearly every poll of the

the race for this fall. Here's my message to black voters: Do homework about John Fetterman, Ms. Hollis

John Fetterman, Ms. Hollis says in ad. She didn't even apologize. Now she wants our vote? No chance of that.