Drill rappers Sha Ek, 22GZ Ron Suno from NYC Rolling Loud Festival Traveling rap festival Rolling Loud is reported

to have removed three drill rappers performing in the upcoming weekend lineup at Citi Field in Queens.

 Music acts drawn include Sha, 22Gz and Ron Suno, who hail from the outskirts of New York City. Local politicians

questioned the sub-genre's affiliation with gun violence, Mayor Eric Adams included, calling the connection

"dangerous" in February. Police do not respect that he is an artist and entertainer. The 19-year-old

 is trying to improve himself to feed his family, Stanley Davis, the manager of Shaw, said in a statement

 to The New York Times, claiming That children danced and participated in client concerts throughout the Northeast

Northeast over the past year. Things are not crystalline across the board. Other removed acts include 22Gz

released on bail in June on charges of attempted murder stemming from the March 6 shooting, wounding

stemming from the March 6 shooting, wounding three people at a party hall in Brooklyn, Billboard reported.