Nora Fatehi reveals Hollywood star slipped into her DMs Redditors refuse to believe Bollywood dancer Nora Fatehi recently named

the most famous celebrity to slide in DMs. The internet refused to buy it. In the video for Grazia India, Nora can be heard saying,

Celebrity person who slipped into my DM, wait for it, Netizens are finding it hard to believe Nora's reply because of Pitt's

disappearance from social media. Wonder how Urvashi would have reacted if Brad Pitt slipped in his DM as another Reddit

user commented. There were believers too. Idk why the comment section is acting like hollywood men, out of the world

and wouldn't slide into the DMs of insta models like them. Adam Levine taught that that's what they do,

Nora is a pretty amazing dancer to look at. Iraqi superstar Rahma Riyadh lent her voice to the single with Moroccan award-winning

singer-songwriter Manal. Hayya Hayya (Better Together), is the soundtrack's fourth best single after Arhabo and

The World Is Yours to Take. Talking about the song, Fatehi, who has both sung and danced in the music video,

has a passionate following and has seen it with her own eyes wherever she has traveled. It is my privilege

to be together with such passionate and talented women who celebrate the spirit of the FIFA World Cup at our roots.