Nam Lay's Free Fire MAX ID, stats and more Free Fire MAX has well-known content creators all over the world.

Nguyn Công Nam, popularly known as Nam Lay, is actually a famous content creator from Vietnam. He has a

 total of 3.45 million subscribers on his channel. Has 974 million subscribers. Nam Lay's Free Fire ID

is 301444523, his level is 80. career stats Nam Lay took part in 4716 solo matches, winning 654 of them.

Have done 17304 eliminations and their K/D ratio is 4.26. He has played 3675 matches well in Duo mode,

he has the upper hand in 558. He has done 12955 kills and his K/D ratio is 4.16. Nam Lay won 2279 out

4.16. Nam Lay won 2279 out of 10843 squad matches. He has done 33464 kills and his K/D ratio is 3.91.

rank stats Nam Lay won one out of 4 solo matches. He did 11 kills and his K/D ratio is 3.67. YouTuber

took part in 7 Duo matches and won 2 of them. He has done 34 kills in which his K/D ratio is 6.80. Nam Lay

Nam Lay has participated in two rank matches and has won both. Their K/D ratio is stated to be of 16.00.