Monster High Mattel Playset 2022 Know all about Monster High: The Movie Halloween is quickly approaching Nickelodeon

kicked off the most wonderful time of the year with an epic Halloween special. Monster High the Movie

is a live-action musical fantasy film based on the Mattel Monster High fashion doll. February 2021 Nickelodeon announces

animated series as part of a new brand launch. What is Monster High: This Movie About? Monster High: The Movie follows

Claudine Wolf, a half-human, half-werewolf who always has to hide the truth of who she is. Who doesn't enroll in Monster High.

Claudine is so excited to finally have the chance to show the world who she really is, showing her human side every time

she steps into her new school. What causes a big problem for him is Monster High's "monster only" policy.

Claudine Wolf born half human, half werewolf she always had to hide her wolf side. She heads to Monster High, 

she can't wait to show her the true wolf who lives inside her. With the help of teacher Mr. Comos, Claudine attempts to create 

a special potion that will destroy her human side forever. When things go awry, Claudine must find herself heartily embracing

the true demon to save her school. When does Monster High air? Monster High: The Movie premieres October 6 on Nickelodeon Paramount+.

The movie that is eagerly waiting for Monster High need not wait any longer. Nickelodeon released the official trailer of the film on September 20, 2022.