Modern Warfare 2 Release Season One Start Dates for Raid Mode Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is here, and CoD fans are starting

to get a first taste of how the game will play out in its content cycle. As the game's launch date of October 28 was well known,

it was still a mystery as to whether the game would handle seasonal content. Those fans don't have to wait.

The official COD accounts today left plenty of dates and information for fans to chew on, including the start date

for the game's first season. From October 28 to November 15, players can level up, customize their weapon platforms, 

and unlock everything they need during MW2's pre-season period. Season 01 arrives on November 16th with Warzone 

2.0 and the new DMZ mode. Of great interest coming in Season 01 will be the new Reds game mode, a three-versus-three competitive mode

that will require a teamwork strategy to be successful. Away from the usual round-the-clock chaos of Team Deathmatch,

 it looks like the Reds will draw some lessons from other popular FPS titles of the time like Apex Legends with three-versus-three gameplay.

Raid will not be available in the fall in the first season of MW2. On the new mode, players will have to wait till December 14.

the plus side the preseason period from the first season's post-launch should give players enough time to unlock all the weapons 

they'll need to be successful in some of MW2's competitive modes. MW2 will officially launch on October 28,