CHCF report thoroughly outlines opportunities for Californians to enroll in Medi-Cal coverage through estimated eligibility

The new report from the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) highlights opportunities for Californians who receive Medi-Cal

PE to apply for continued Medi-Cal health coverage. PE is a process that allows qualified entities (QEs),

such as many hospitals and clinics, to quickly enroll eligible Californians in temporary coverage. This process usually involves

using short applications real-time eligibility determination systems to ensure that those who need it can access care promptly.

According to the report, the PE could well act as an on-ramp for the ongoing Medi-Cal coverage. Hospitals in this study reported a good

4 common challenges in assisting all patients with applications for Medi-Cal coverage that were well-run after achieving a hospital's

estimated eligibility (HPE). Hospitals found that patients do not understand that HPE coverage lasts only 2 months,

many patients do not see the need for ongoing coverage in life, many patients are concerned they will be found ineligible

for ongoing coverage due to factors such as immigration . The EA will in many cases spend time convincing the patient

that the application is complete, even in some cases it is translated well into the patient's language. The EAS states that

The EAS states that the application is particularly challenging for limited English speaking patients.

Hospitals reported experiencing difficulty in gathering information required for applications from patients, 

including undocumented or undocumented patients without stable housing. Told the COVID-19 effect. Due to protective

distance requirements in EA hospitals they cannot sit near patients to provide application support, reports that in addition

to the shortage of EA workforce experienced by hospitals due to the pandemic, counties have withdrawn from hospitals at the start

of the pandemic. Eligibility Removed all employees. The report said hospitals are still doing well to rebuild their EA staff.