Lion With A Woman Video Beautiful girl standing near lion, incident happened while posing for photo Most of the people did not see

the lion king of the jungle in the evening, some people are also like that, they try very hard to go near the lion with courage. 

Videos related to lions were becoming very viral on social media, but the video that just came out, a woman who was blowing

people's senses reached so close to the lion that she had no idea that she stroked the lion's head and the lion did not give any reaction. 

I got to see a shocking scene. girl posing for the lion The beautiful girl approached to be photographed with the lion.

The girl went near without fear and touched her. It didn't matter to the lion. The girl started getting photographed with the lion without any fear,

 the lion is also not doing such a thing, it was seen in the video that the lioness is also sitting near the lion. After a few seconds,

he opened the jaws of the lion. Seeing the girl while posing for the photo, she got scared and the video ended.

If you watch the video properly, then a cage is made behind the lion, where it is kept. The lion lioness is resting on the cot kept 

outside, the girl came and photographed. This video viral on social media was shared on Instagram on the account named 

@k4_khaleel. Those who saw the video appeared in awe. About 20 thousand people have liked this video.