Lil Nas X epically trolls homophobic protesters outside concert From cleverly shutting down disgruntled rapper

 Boosie Badge to trolling haters on his Nike Devil shoes, Lil Nas X specializes in crushing critics.

The Industry Baby star gave an impressive response to a group of homophobic protesters who gathered outside MGM

Music Hall in Fenway Park on Sunday, performing in Boston, Massachusetts. Lil Nas X announced the team's delicious

solution to the situation on Twitter by gifting free pizza to the crowd. Asked to send pizza, really good promo! The Grammy winner

wrote a video of the bunch after the repost. Soon after, the rapper posted a video of his team member leaving food for the group.

Protesters turn down the offer Lil Nas X jokingly tweeted the bright side that one of the conservative objectors fell in love with.

Edited clip of set to the tune of Sufjan Stevens's Mystery of Love Camera fixes on demonstrator caught

demonstrator caught the star's attention, wearing a T-shirt that read Christ's Forgiveness Ministries Revival.

Lil Nas X Long Live Monteiro Tour is set to continue its finale show on November 17th in Barcelona, Spain.