It's a whole new level of baby-name drama Told celebrities are no strangers to baby-name drama. This usually

 involves choosing a name that one would have already used but Adam Levine is accused of taking the awkwardness

 the awkwardness of reusing a name to a whole new level. According to a TikTok post by Instagram model Sumner Stroh,

Levine recently asked her if she could name her new baby Sumner. In the video, Stroh claims she had an affair

with a man she married to a Victoria's Secret model, whom she later gave a name to as Maroon 5 singer Adam

Levine who is married with two children, Behati Prinsloo. Shares it in front of everyone. Stroh alleged

that she was young, naive and easily manipulated when the affair began, quite frankly feeling exploited.

Stroh is currently almost 23 and Levine is 43. She goes on to share screenshots of Levine, well enough,

that she sent it to him just a few months after they stopped seeing each other. OK, this is a serious question.

I have another baby if it's a boy I really want to name it Sumner are you okay with that? DEAD SERIOUS

it Sumner are you okay with that? DEAD SERIOUS, I think he wrote that followed by the same shrunken emoji.