Tish Letitia James' lawsuit against Donald Trump Don't expect the ostentatious Trump

trial in this case James is playing hardball. A three-and-a-half-year investigation into Donald Trump's business practices

 hit headlines Wednesday after New York Attorney General Tish James announced a trial accusing Trump of "surprising" fraud in

the real estate empire. Break for Trump: There was only a civil trial, not a criminal one. James is seeking harsher penalties,

a five-year ban on Trump from applying for loans to buy commercial real estate in New York and a New York business-led 

permanent ban on Trump and his three eldest children for the rest of their lives. The case also seeks to force the Trump

children and business to surrender $250 million, said to have been obtained through major deception that lasted more than a decade.

Here are some of Politico's top findings from the lawsuit filed by James Legal analysts are already debating the finer points of

the trial whether it will take place in court or not. A civil lawsuit may follow despite Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr.

refraining from filing criminal charges over the conduct. Trump may be hurt by his multiple invocations of

 the Fifth Amendment that could be used in a civil suit against him. The genuine legal merits of an AG's suit will never be

tested in court. Both sides have incentives to compromise. It may take years to complete the case No guarantee 

It may take years to complete the case No guarantee The judge will agree to grant all the reliefs sought by the AG.