How to Prevent a Lafayette Group Fentanyl Overdose Working I lost a lot of friends I was a little helpless she said I know

said I know so many people lost people due to overdose I know a lot of people to be sober and healthy.

According to coroner's data, 135 people died of overdose in Lafayette Parish in 2021. Of those deaths,

16 people died of fentanyl overdose, 103 people died of multi-drug overdoses, with fentanyl found in their system.

According to the coroner's office there were 83 people who died of overdose in Lafayette Parish in 2020 55 people 

died of overdose in 2019. As prescription pain relievers and heroin drove the nation's overdose epidemic over the past decade,

 the synthetic opioid fentanyl is now available in the U.S. Lafayette is responsible for the highest number of overdose deaths.

The street version is legal fentanyl isolate, the potent pain-relieving drug that has been validated by the Food and Drug

Administration and prescribed in medical settings to treat acute pain in cancer patients. Fentanyl deaths amount to more than

107,000 Americans died last year To begin with, Brooks said it was a way for me to be personal with something

that made me feel like I wasn't just sad all the time. I am really making an impact on that community.

According to the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, harm reduction emphasizes engaging directly

with people who use drugs to prevent overdose and infectious disease transmission. Its goal is to improve everyone's overall

well-being and provide low-end options for access to substance use disorder treatment and other health care services.