Most Dangerous Snake: King Cobra: Dangerous King Cobra's death by biting a drunkard! The man made such a claim,

In Uttar Pradesh, unique and strange tales keep attracting the attention of people. Knowing about this matter,

everyone's senses were blown away. A man's claim has created a strange doubt in everyone's mind, a video 

of the person is creating a lot of panic on social media. A man was attacked by a dangerous king cobra

king cobra in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. In anger, the cobra bitten on the man's leg. man made a big claim

In this, the person can be seen sitting on a hospital bed talking to a doctor. The person told that the king cobra

The person told that the king cobra bitten twice on the leg. The cobra died after biting him. Not only this,

the person had brought a dead snake with him in a bag. Seeing the person looks intoxicated, that is why it is

 written in the caption that many people were seen giving different funny reactions in the comment section not to mess

mess with the drunk. This has been seen many times and thousands of people are surprised to know about it.